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Funding Agencies


The Data Management Group (DMG) was established in 1988 on the basis of a
proposal from the University of Toronto's Joint Program in Transportation for an
autonomous research group with the following objectives:

  1. Establish a common, centrally-accessible database containing information on
    transportation activities, zone systems, transportation networks and land
    use activity,

  2. Provide a transportation data retrieval service to the participating agencies,

  3. Monitor the adequacy of available data and propose approaches for adding
    to or updating the data as mutually agreed upon by the agencies,

  4. Promote greater interaction between university researchers and
    practitioners in the field of urban transportation planning,

  5. Promote the communication of transportation information and data obtained
    or administered by the Data Management Group to interested agencies and
    to the public,

  6. Further the improvement of transportation demand analysis, research, and
    forecasting in the Greater Toronto Area.

Program approval and funding of the DMG is the collective responsibility of
members of the Transportation Information Steering Committee (TISC) with the
following membership:

Regional Municipality of Durham
GO Transit
Regional Municipality of Halton
City of Toronto
Ministry of Ontario
Regional Municpality of Peel
City of Toronto
Toronto Transit Commission
Regional Municpality of York

Each participating agency appoints a member of their technical staff to the
Transportation Research and Data Management Group (TRADMAG), which is a
standing committee of TISC, and is responsible for coordinating the needs of the
funding agencies and the activities of the research project.